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STEP 1: Identification of the vehicle's ECU by part number

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) consists of several key components: an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), wheel speed sensors, modulator valves, and exciter rings. The ECU is the brain of the system. It receives information from the sensors and sends signals to the ABS valves. In effect the ECU controls the anti-lock brake and automatic traction control systems, as well as the diagnostic functions.

The ECU continually checks itself for proper operation. If it detects a malfunction or failure in the electrical or electronic system, it will shut down that part of the ABS affected by the problem—or the entire ABS—depending upon the system and the problem. When this happens, the dashboard ABS warning lamp lights.

Operating the search function correctly

This website offers the user two ways to identify a vehicle's ECU. The quickest, and most straightforward, is if you already know the part number of the ECU. If this is not known, or not immediately available, then, as an alternative, it is possible to search by ECU make and model. The identity tag on a vehicle's ECU is the starting point, and will provide some or all of the following information: manufacturer, model or version of ECU, ABS configuration, and part number. A typical example is shown below.

  1. The only information required at this stage is the part number.
  2. This should be entered into the field below without any gaps or dashes. For example, if the part number on the ECU identity tag is written as 0 486 104 037, enter it as 0486104037, then press the search button.
  3. If you are unsuccessful at your first attempt, re-enter the part number and try again.
  4. If, after the second attempt, the search function is still unable to recognise the part number you have entered, but you know the make and either the model, system or version of the ECU in question, then try the alternative method of using the ECU make and model to correctly identify it.
  5. Failing that, please call Customer Services on +44 (0)1277 814060 during opening hours.

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