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Scope and purpose of this website

ABS troubleshooting can be both time consuming, and frustrating. The purpose of this website is to help qualified fitters and technicians, working in the commercial vehicle sector in the United Kingdom, to resolve frequently occurring ABS problems, quickly, and efficiently.

In order to present the information in a manageable way, we have restricted the scope of this website to ABS systems manufactured by Wabco, Haldex, and Bosch, and fitted to leading European brands of trucks, trailers and buses, supplied for sale in the United Kingdom, including those built by: Scania, Volvo, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, MAN, and Renault.

The principal parts of the antilock brake system covered by this website are: the Electronic Control Unit (more commonly referred to as the ECU), ECU codes (also known as ECU Fault Codes, and ECU Blink Codes), and ABS sensors.

Who should use this website

Use of this website, and the information contained on it, assumes the viewer to be a fully-qualified workshop technician, employed in a full-time capacity in the commercial vehicle sector in the United Kingdom, and, therefore, someone who has been formally trained and accredited in the United Kingdom, and already possesses a good professional knowledge of modern commercial vehicle systems. This website is not intended for use by unqualified, or part-qualified individuals, or those living, or operating in a professional capacity, outside of the United Kingdom.

Before proceeding further, we would recommend that you read both the Terms of Use of this website, and our Privacy Policy, and, in particular, that prior to any repair work being carried-out on a vehicle, all necessary Health and Safety precautions be implemented and adhered to.

How to use this website

This website is designed to be user friendly. We have incorporated a system, which, when followed, means that within four steps, it is possible to first identify, and then provide a solution to the majority of ABS problems you will encounter on commercial vehicles, which fit the criteria listed above. To get started please click on the link below:

What industry people are saying...


“I recommend the SensorMaster for time saving and accurate diagnostic readings. This saves both time and money to my company and my customers.”

— J. Lane, Lane Trailer Services


“Overall, we have found the SensorMaster to be very useful, especially in a time saving capacity.”

— CVW Review, May 2007


“For ease of use, speed, and accuracy of results, you'll find the SensorMaster hard to beat as an ABS diagnostic tool”

— P. Edwards, Swedish Truck . . . . Parts


“A worthwhile addition to any commercial vehicle workshop, especially for the accurate diagnosis of sensor related problems.”

— M. Toghill, Knorr-Bremse



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